Color, and how it tells a story, was Anastasia’s first love. Growing up in Italy, she was surrounded by color: taking photos on hikes to the countryside with her father, living among the art in Rome, and painting, a practice that continues to this day, as she works as a colorist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Watching Antonioni’s ‘Blow Up’ at 14, she decided to pursue color in film. Graduating with a Masters in Communication and Cinema Studies from La Sapienza University, Rome, she studied under the acclaimed Italian film editor Paolo Cottignola.

Chasing her dreams, she landed at the mecca of color in NYC, Company 3, where she honed her skills from some of the best colorists in the world. Armed with Italian passion and a new-found New York work ethic, she has spent the past few years building solid relationships with directors, cinematographers and post houses.

Her clients include Netflix, The History Channel, A&E, Viceland, Discovery, and PBS.

In addition, Anastasia is an experienced editor, finisher, post-production consultant and a member of the Colorist Society International.

In 2019 Anastasia ventured in Digital Film Restoration and earned a certification in HDR color grading. 

In her downtime, she's currently following the developments of HDR technology and hosting fellow cinephiles at her home, screening movies and cooking home-made Italian food.

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